Tuesday, 9 May 2017

West Regional League Restructure Approved for Season 2017/18

Following their Regional League Meeting on 8th May, the West Regional Clubs have approved Cumbernauld Rugbys' proposal to restructure the leagues.

Up until now, the first division in each Regional League has been mandated in the Championship Rules as having to be of 10 teams, however with these Rules out for update, there is now the possibility that Leagues 1 can vary their number from 10.

With the bulk of West 2 having finished their campaign by end January, it's perhaps understandable that more games are being sought, but by the same token, West 4 is only now in the first couple of week in May, finishing up.

Cumbernauld have been quick of the mark as the Championship Rules are still in the consultation phase, so we're not sure what will happen if the amendment to the Championship rule is not approved by Council.

Based on the end of season league positions (and Clydesdale rejoining the leagues), the new season could look like this:

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