Friday, 21 July 2017

Update from Murrayfield on SCRUMS - Scottish Rugby Managment System

Update from Murrayfield today on the progress of SCRUMS.

"Following our Club Comms earlier in the summer, we are happy to provide some further information on the roll-out of SCRUMS, our new user-friendly registration and communications system, together with a note on the practical impact and small changes that will come into place for you and your club’s users.

It is intended that SCRUMS will go live in August. Following feedback gratefully received from club volunteers, we have been working hard to develop SCRUMS and its functionality to seek to provide you with the best possible replacement for CDMS.

• Prior to SCRUMS going live, we will migrate all current CDMS data to SCRUMS.

• Depending on your position within your club, you will have tailored access rights & permissions on SCRUMS (instead of a singularly shared log-in for each club or school as is currently the case with CDMS).

• SCRUMS will allow clubs to register and transfer players as before.

• Users (for example players) will be asked to register on SCRUMS in their own right.

o When a user first registers on SCRUMS, their information will be searched on the database of information migrated from CDMS and they will be presented with their own information from the old system. This will be based on their surname and date of birth. Once the user has selected themselves and validated their information, they will be asked to update any additional information. The only compulsory additional information required by SCRUMS is a valid user email address.
o For parents, they will be able to do the same as above for their children. Again, the only compulsory requirement is an email address.

• There will be an option to opt into marketing information should users wish to receive that kind of information from Scottish Rugby. However, as the default this will be opt out as the primary purpose of SCRUMS is a user registration and communication system and not a marketing tool.

• SCRUMS will work on more than one browser, currently CDMS is limited to Internet Explorer.

• If you forget your password, you simply request this through the system no more waiting for this to be provided for you by Scottish Rugby.

Training workshops will be delivered during August before the go-live date. Information on these dates will be circulated shortly so please keep an eye out to get registered as soon as they become available.

Further functionality continues to be developed and it is intended to roll this out in the course of the new season. We are really looking forward to showing you the benefits and positive changes SCRUMS will bring over the season.

In the meantime, should you have any queries you would like to discuss please contact and one of our team will be in touch."