Tuesday, 20 March 2018

West League Update - West 1 - 18th March 2018

With bonus point wins for each of the top four in West 1, there’s no change in positions or the points gap.  We still have Carrick leading the way, 7 points ahead of Glens, but having played a game more - Garnock are another 5 points behind.  Something has to give this weekend though, as 2nd place Glens visit 3rd place Garnock.

With Carrick hosting Oban on Saturday, the 3rd v 2nd place contest is a must win for both if they want to maintain that gap on Carrick and keep up the challenge for promotion to the National leagues.  A win is the minimum, whilst a bonus point win is probably required.

Carrick will be looking for a bonus point win from Saturdays game, but a full strength Oban team should not be underestimated.

Oban had Kilmarnock visit Glencruiten on Saturday, but this game was abandoned after 55 minutes due to an injury to the ref.  Being short of the magic 60 minute mark, the 8-3 scoreline in Kilmarnocks favour does not stand, so this is another game to add to the rescheduled list.

This cancellation raises a bit of an issue for the West Championship Committee, as there’s now not enough Saturdays left in the season for Oban to get their games played - wonder if anyone will volunteer a mid-week game.

To add to Obans challenge this Saturday, it’s now been 8 weeks since they played a full competitive game.  It really is going to be a big ask for them to take anything away from Maybole, as on average, Carrick have been scored over 36 points a game whilst conceding less than 10.

A Garnock win, and Carrick become red hot favourites, with their challengers potentially 12 points behind but with only the one game in hand.  A win for Glens, and Carrick will be slight favourites, but both have still to play East Kilbride away, before meeting each other on 12th May.

Whatever the results at the top of the table this weekend, there’s still loads of action to come for that sole promotion spot.

There was no change at the foot of the table, but the big result in the West 1 relegation battle came in National 3, where Dalziel made it three wins from their last three games, moving them out of the relegation spot.

If Dalziel avoid relegation (so no West Club will drop out of the National leagues), there should only be one team down from West 1 - which at 8 points behind Oban, is looking like Helensburgh.

Helensburgh visit Oban on 31st March making this game just as crucial as this weekends Garnock v Glens game.

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  1. Top 3 teams have had excellent seasons thus far.
    1. Carrick
    2. Garnock
    3. Allan Glens