Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Message from the Women's Performance Development Programme Head Coach

Please find below a message from PDP Head Coach, Ian Dryburgh, regarding the programme.

Please take the time to read this as it’s intended to provide clarity on the purpose of the programme and how we can work together to provide the best possible opportunities and conditions for players to thrive.

Performance Development Programme 2017-18–Coach’s Message
The Performance Development Programme(PDP) management and coaching team would like to provide clarity on the purpose of the PDP and how your players, if selected, could benefit from the programme.

The PDP provides opportunities for the best female 16-20 year-old players in Scotland to train together within a high-performance environment. We believe that training in this environment with other high-level players will benefit the players’ development in the long and short term. The PDP is a stepping stone to the senior national squad and is an important part of each player’s preparation  for and progress towards international rugby.  We have identified  the current training squad as having potential to play for Scotland in the future. To maximise this opportunity, it is important that your players are fit and ready to train, come into camp fresh and ready to participate fully in all aspects of the sessions provided.

We appreciate the importance of your players playing the game, and we will endeavour to load our  Saturday  sessions  appropriately  to  allow  players  to  perform  for  you  in  Sunday  fixtures.  However, at times we may have to ask you to adjust player load during training sessions in the
week leading  up to  the  PDP  camp.  This  is  to  ensure  we avoid overloading players whilst minimising  any  potential  disruption  to  programmes. I  am  confident  you  will  agree  this  will provide  the  greatest  benefit  to  the  player  and  impact  positively  on  their  ability  to  perform  in games.

We will send you the itinerary of the camps and training days in advance so you are aware of the  focus,  purpose  and  proposed  intensity  of  the  sessions,  and  will  ensure  that  our communication channels are open to allow us to work together to best support and develop the players.

Ian Dryburgh,Head Coach, Performance Development Programme